how will you take care of yourself over the holidays?The holiday season, while beautiful, can sometimes bring on stress and anxiety. Holiday festivities an also be particularly challenging to navig…
let's talk about it: what word do you want to live by in 2023?On New Year’s Eve, my friends and I always come up with a word we each want to live by in the upcoming year. We also reflect on the word we chos…
Q & A with Stance Dex, an eating disorder recovery coach, about her own ED recovery
what nourished you this weekend? Let’s start this week on a good note, shall we? Let’s share some of the things that nourished our minds, bodies, souls and bellies this past wee…
You ever listen to a song and think, how did that lyric so perfectly put what I’m thinking and feeling into words? Same. There’s something so comforting…

November 2022

holiday season resources, what I'm reading & more
a quick ode to the friends you make in eating disorder treatment

October 2022

thread: what do you wear when you're having a bad body image day? 👕👗 what do you wear when you're having a bad body image day? what’s that go-to outfit when nothing else in your closet feels right? let’s discuss i…
what's your easy, go-to meal when you don't want to cook? Maybe it’s just me, but I think a lot of us have had those days where the thought of preparing food is overwhelming and exhausting. But, even on…

September 2022

on going back to ED treatment

July 2022

"I need to physically see the loss I feel."

June 2022

Q & A with Terri Lynn of @therealterrilynn on the intersection of chronic illness and eating disorders